Loan calculation: financing

The calculation of loan clarifies the costs of a loan contracted , which deals with employees and public pensioners.

In fact the public body that managed the social security and credit treatments of those who had worked in the public sector: today, these functions have been assumed by the Joint Management of Public Employees , the National Social Security Institute . Therefore, it is very easy to come across loans: to access them, it is first necessary to be registered in the appropriate register of the Unit Management.

To calculate the installment of loan it is first necessary to clarify what type of financing is being considered. For example, if you choose the fifth sale option, the monthly installment will have an amount strictly related to your monthly income. The installment cannot in fact exceed 20% of the monthly salary or pension amount, taking into consideration an interest rate that is always present. Due to these characteristics, a loan with a salary-backed loan is open only to pensioners and employees.

However, also proposes other forms of credit. The simulation of the loan concerns, for example, a loan addressed to members of the unified credit and social services department of the , also known as the credit fund. Subscribers, ie public or retired workers, can access small loans for an amount equal to 1, 2, 3 or 4 months salary or pension. Also in this case, therefore, the calculation starts from the value of one’s monthly income. However, other elements must also be taken into account, such as the repayment terms, the rate of the installments and an interest rate. The small loan currently has a nominal rate of 4.25%. The simulation of the calculation of the small loan must start from all these factors.

The calculation of the loan for state employees, however, benefits from some advantages compared to simulating a loan from a private bank: the very fact of taking out a loan in agreement , guarantees in fact a certain extra security and therefore an economic advantage to monitor.

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