Payday Loan

The financial loan market has many options that can leave those who need money confused.

One of them is payday loan , a modality similar to personal loan but it has some basic differences that make the difference in choosing the best one in your case.

What is payday loan?

What is payday loan?

The payroll loan is a type of personal loan, that is, that loan granted to individuals for use in different purposes.

The personal loan can be either secured or unsecured. The guarantee is insurance that the applicant presents to the transferor of the money to ensure that the payment of the installments will be made.

In the case of payroll-deductible loans, the collateral is the signed-in employment of the applicant or the retirement income.

This is because the payroll loan is characterized by the discount of the installments directly from the applicant’s payroll, that is, from his salary or from retirement.

What are the advantages of a payroll loan?

What are the advantages of a payroll loan?

Like all secured loans, payroll deductible loans offer more consideration.

It is possible to achieve lower interest rates and longer payment terms, depending on your credit rating.

In addition, you do not have to worry about paying the installments, since they will be discounted before you even receive your payment.

What is the difference between payroll and personal loan?

What is the difference between payroll and personal loan?

The payday loan is much confused with the online personal loan. However, the two modalities are intended for people with different profiles and needs.

While the payroll deductible loan was made for retirees, INSS pensioners, public employees or with a formal contract, needing to have an account with the financial institution, since it will withdraw the value of the installments in the bank account itself.

Already the personal loan any person (above 18 years and with active CPF) can apply for a personal loan. The values ​​and deadlines vary greatly according to the company and the credit analysis.

How to simulate a paycheck loan?

How to simulate a paycheck loan?

The categories eligible to contract payroll loans are: retirees or INSS Pensioners, Public Servants, Armed Forces Military and Private Enterprise Workers.

Each of these presents minimum ages and different payment terms. But in general, it is easy to get credit for anyone who is included in any of them.

The payday loan application can be made totally online. By choosing the financial one of your choice, you can simulate the conditions and send the documents online to receive the money.

It is possible to obtain values ​​between R $ 200 and R $ 3000, with fixed interest rate, depending on your credit assessment.

For this, you can do the simulation directly on our site, tell us a little about yourself and wait for the answer in a matter of minutes.

If you require a verification of the registration, we will contact you to confirm some data. And if the answer is approved, the money goes into the account reported within 48 hours.

You will have the amount available to use according to your priorities. In addition, we’ll give you some options to choose the best payment date and schedule yourself financially.

Do your simulation with us right now and request your personal loan online!

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